Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve...

It started out as quite a strange Christmas Eve.
I got into work for 7am, an hour earlier than normal, so that I could help Alison to clear the wages admin, and ensure that payroll went through on time. As it turns out, there was no need as she had arrived about 15 minutes before me, and was well into clearing it all.
It was then a really bitty morning, with typing up various reports and getting as many cups of tea down us as possible!
I arrived home only about 5 minutes before Paul, who suggested we pop over to the Hospital to visit his Dad, who we had heard had been taken in the previous evening.
We had an hour over there with him, and met up with Dee and Jannah just as we left, who promised to let us know what was going on, as he may have to stay in until Boxing Day.
Then it was off home to cook dinner, as we had Sally-Ann, Mike and Hamish coming over.
The dogs were angels, despite my Fred wanting to go out every 5 minutes!

Hamish enjoyed some love off of him Mom, whilst poor Mike looked on, in the dim and little light that he could cope with behind his shades.

We had a lovely evening, and enjoyed some big laughs watching Victoria Wood's Christmas Show, and revelling in the iconic song that we all remembered from her 90's show.

Then it was time for Paul to drive them back home, and as he picked his phone up, he noticed a text from Jannah..... Their Dad was home, as the doctors had managed to get all the introvenus antibiotics in that they wanted to.

At least he could enjoy his Christmas Day in his own home.

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  1. Thank you for your well wishes,ill health won't hold me down for long...