Saturday, 26 December 2009

A Horse, My Kingdom For A Horse!

After a muddy walk up the hillside, we arrived on the top of the Carn, and positioned ourselves, where we could see the horses and riders as they met, before their Boxing Day ride across the countryside.
Then it was a quick dash into the shadow of the castle so that we could avoid the sudden downpour of heavy rain.
As the clouds crossed over us and passed into he distance, Fred and Milo spotted each other and caught up on their doggy gossip...

Meanwhile the riders drank their warming drinks, and chatted amongst themselves, whilst the hounds came amongst the crowd for some welcome fuss.

We were amazed by how clear the skies had become, and realised that we could actually see further than we ever had before from this spot.

Once we had wandered back down to the village again, we drove back for a welcome cuppa and a nice bit of cake and cream.

A very civilised day indeed!

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  1. I watched them ride up seleggan smelting works though didn't see them on the carn.. still a great sight and a lovely day