Saturday, 5 December 2009

OMG Is This It???


Having walked the length and breadth of Truro in the cold and rain, why is it that I was seriously overheating?

Even my poor husband, who always has to put up with me having the heating on, as I am notoriously a cold bunny, had his coat and hat on, and admitted to not being very warm.

I plodded around town in a top made of t-shirt fabric, albeit with long sleeves, and a scarf around my neck. I carried my coat as I just could not cope with the heat!

Up until this last fortnight, I have only overheated during the night, but every morning this last couple of weeks, I have arrived at work and opened all of the windows - good job I start before the rest of them, by the time they arrive, I've usually managed to regulate my temperature and then go back to feeling the cold as usual!

If this is it, let it move on fast - PLEASE!


  1. Menopause was the best thing that ever happened to me. When my cycle stopped the continuous 8 year headache stopped too.
    Embrace it. Eat well. Look forward to being in the most powerful time of your life.
    Oh ya, and buy a hand held fan.

  2. Been there,been through it now its all over.Follow LoriE's advice,it works ,you won't know your self when it's all over,you will be a new woman.
    Thank you for visiting the Castle,you are very welcome.
    Ps i collect the pandora beads too,they are very expensive in Ireland so I was glad to find out there was web site to look at.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Joanne

    Sure you'll get through it.

    I've been very lucky as I've never had sweats at night, and only have them occasionally through the day for like only a couple of minutes. My work colleagues look at me gone out when I go into the dining hall in just a short sleeved top and they are cold!

    I was always a cold bunny too, but can now copy with the cold much more easily which is a good thing when I have to stand around on a cold, frosty, windy playground for an hour in the winter! I used to have to wear lots of layers but now find I don't need so many so there is an upside to it all.

    Certainly don't miss my monthly cycle one little bit, they were always very painful making me miss school or work when I was younger, until I went on the pill.

    Just keep that hand held fan handy.