Sunday, 14 March 2010

I'm A Walking Disaster!

Whilst in Brum, we helped Mom to sort her laptop out and speed it up by transferring everything to an external hard drive - in doing so, I was a little clumsy with my own lap top and once again managed to damage it much to Paul's disgust with me!
I placed it onto the floor, and unwittingly allowed Fred to run across the keys in his excitement to get to a dentistix in my hand - the result was the breaking off of the D and E key pads, as you can see above!
Once we arrived home, Paul went onto You Tube to see if there was anything on there on how to fix them back on. It transpires that there were a few really helpful videos, and it could be fixed, but we would need the parts..... Ah Ha! what about the last lap top I destroyed says I - after all I never throw anything away LOL
and so, my little old Acer came out of hiding at the back of the cupboard, and some keys were popped off to see if the fixing underneath was the same as the one we needed - Bingo! They were the right ones.... Off came the first ....

and placed onto the current laptop keypad, still following the instruction on the screen from You Tube!

Once it was in place, it was a matter of hooking the key pad back on top and clicking it down into place....

then off came the next key from the old machine and the process was repeated again with the E key
It was very fiddly and there was just not enough light to see what we were doing, but it all just came together......

and Voila! a fully working keyboard again, all thanks to the wonders of the internet and a little lateral thinking in relation to the spare parts needed!

Well done Paul, and thanks for fixing my lifeline, LOL


  1. Or you coul hav writt n with the brok n k yboar an w woul hav figur it out.

  2. What a good job you have such a brilliant husband!

  3. Don't put your laptop on the floor again Jo! at least not when you have a Dentistix in your hand - lol! As soon as I saw the photo I wondered what you had been up to, thought you'd trodden on it yourself.

    I love Lori E's comment, very clever!

    Not long after I started making cards I broke my X-Cut guillotine because I'd put it on the floor. I got up from the computer, forgetting I'd put it on the floor and walked into it. Unfortunately I'd left the handle up and of course it snapped off!!! Had to chuck it and buy a new one, needless to say I bought something a lot sturdier next time.

  4. I would never have thought to look on Youtube for help!

    I've just tagged you for an award over at mine x