Friday, 5 March 2010

Birthday Meal

It's been a manic week this week, in terms of card making - I've had loads of orders for the imminent Mother Days on 14th of March, and so have been holed up in my spare bedroom clipping and cutting and creating to my hearts content.
Unfortunately most people have asked for 3d decoupaged cards and these take time and patience, especially as most of the ones chosen have about 9 or 10 different layers to them - it's been enjoyable, but very tiring on the hands and eyes LOL.
The cards will soon be visible on my card blog, so keep an eye out.
In the meantime, it was Mikes 65th birthday yesterday, and we took the opportunity for a lovely meal at the Arms in the village last night....

We all ordered the scampi, as it's very good there, and then followed it with some very yummy puddings - us girlie's had Baileys Cheesecake!

It was a lovely meal, and great company as usual. By 10.30pm we were home again, and I was back at the craft table trying to finish a card that was to be delivered today!

I managed to finish it finally this morning, before I went to work, and thankfully all of the ones I took in today were instant hits.

Now all I have to do is finish the rest of my orders!


  1. I have a problem when I see food pictures,they make me feel hungry !!
    You always show such tempting food on this blog,I would have gone for the scampi,but not the chips.The dessert looks divine,would have had this,-now I want something sweet,will have to raid the freezer for ice cream.!!!

  2. That dessert looks mouth watering!! I am now feeling very hungry! Just looked at your card blog, they look lovely, looks as though you may be setting up your own business soon!:D

  3. Hi Jo

    Great blog again.

    Can I pick your brains please? I have made a blog just for my family to view but for some reason my niece is unable to leave comments on it although she has been invited to join. Do you have any idea what setting I should have on it for the comments please? I see you have a blog that us peasants can't access so thought you may know the answer.


  4. Thanks Ladies.

    Yes you are correct Jordiegirl, I used to have a blog just for me to rant on. It was not available to anyone at all so not sure if the comments would have worked or not, but as it is, I only placed 3 posts and then stopped using it LOL! It will be deleted at some point, but I never log onto the cornishbeachbrummie blog any more. I will delete that blog too, once I have had it printed into hard back. I understand it's a worthwhile thing to do, so may ask for it as a birthday/christmas pressie from my hubby.

    I would imagine the settings are in the comments tab and the publishing/access tab - I have a feelng it's a tick box quite a way down the page.

    Hope you can fix it X

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment.x.

  6. Thanks Jo.

    I've tried changing the settings again to see if she can comment. Really don't know why she can't as I invited her to the blog.

    I have now also invited her as an author to see if that will work.

  7. Yum sending some more Baileys Cheesecake down to cornwall for you x