Friday, 26 March 2010

Is It Just Me???

I've got Flu!
I caught it off Paul, who has had it for the last 2 weeks!

Since Christmas I seem to have been permanently ill! What the heck is going on?

I've had two stays in hospital, 2 operations and now flu..... We are only 3 months into the year!

I must have been really bad in my last life!


  1. so sorry, hope you recover quickly and have good health for the rest of this year (and beyond)!

  2. Operations,two of them in such a short time,would have 'knocked the stuffing ' out of you.It takes months to recover from radical surgery,so it is not surprising that you are catching every thing going.Having said that,I am truly sorry that you are not well,I do hope you will feel better soon,take care of your self.

  3. Oh Bless you.... I hope you're feeling better soon x

  4. Sorreee!!! I tried really hard not to pass it on to you!! xx

  5. Thank you everyone - I think I am just feeling overly sorry for myself - I realy must snap out of it! xx

  6. Poor you, hope Paul is looking after you xx

  7. Sorry to hear you're not well again Jo. It seems to be one thing after another for you this year. Sure things will get better soon.

    When things keep going wrong for me I say the same as you 'I must have been really bad in my last life'.

    I had a cold last week, fortunately it wasn't flu.

    Sometimes things just get on top of you and weigh you down which makes you feel sorry for yourself - we're all the same - so don't feel bad about it.