Monday, 15 March 2010

My 2nd Disaster of the Weekend...

As we were getting into the car to leave Birmingham, the wind caught the door on my side and slammed it too rather hard! Paul gave me a piece of his mind about being careful, and I told him as I was not touching the door at the time it was a case of forces-majeur, and act of nature so to speak!
Before we had even gotten to the end of the road, there was a big clatter and the window on my side started to slide down - great! that means the internal gubbings of the window had just broken and we would have to drive 350 miles with the window down!

We stopped off in the local cutting for the newsagents and Paul shoved a load of cardboard into the window frame between the rubber and the glass to hold it in place, and hopefully get us to Cornwall before it gave up the ghost again.

The journey south went uneventfully, and just as we crossed into the Cornish boarders the seal started to come apart from the glass and a small draft crept in..... I kept quiet for fear of the wrath of the Husband! Not only had I damaged the Laptop on Saturday night, but now I had damaged the car as well, less than 12 hours later!

After arriving home and fixing the laptop, which you will already have read about, he set about pulling apart the car door to access the window gubbings (yep that's the technical term according to the brain of Jo!)

He then jammed the window into place with a piece of 2x4 wood to keep it secure until he could get to the dealer today (Monday) to buy the replacement bit

Upon getting home from work, having collected the replacement part from Renault, he started to refit the new bit to the window works

The little green plastic thingy on the left of the gubbings is the offending broken item!

Paul fixed it into position and then started to attach everything back onto the car door frame once more

I think it was more fiddly to take the panelling off and put it back on, than it was to fix the broken part!

but slowly it began to go back into place

just the door arm now......

and finally, it all went back together

and we had a working electric window once more.....
PHEW! - Good job I wasn't near anything else I could break eh!


  1. How I wish my husband was as handy as Paul !!
    A week ago I broke my new camera by putting the computer lead into it too hard and broke the little contacts in the camera thingy,hence no posts recently as I have no photo's.The damage is not covered by the guarantee,typical.
    Also ,last week the key to my car got stuck in the ignition and all though it turned off the engine it would not turn off the electrics.The mechanic said I needed a new set of keys and a new ignition assembly and the car would have to be loaded onto a truck and sent to the dealer in Cork.It was also making a knocking noise when I turned the steering wheel,so there was a problem with that as well.All this was going to cost an arm and a leg,so what did I do,I went out and bought a brand new Yaris !!
    All because John can't mend anything,and because of the curse of electric cars that are controlled by computers.
    New post coming soon about new car.
    G lad to here you got home safely.

  2. Now that has got the be THE BEST excuse to use for buying a new car! - "You couldn't fix it so I bought a new one!"
    So sorry to hear about your camera, I was really enjoying your new photo blog, fingers crossed it gets fixed soon x

  3. Hello poppet!
    Oh deary me.. Glad you got it fixed eventually. Hope you're keeping well xx

  4. Hi Jo

    Well your post has cheered me up. I can't stop laughing, you are so funny. As you've already my post of today you know I wasn't in a very good mood, but now, thanks to you I'm feeling better.

    My husband is as useless as Matron's, I wish he was clever like Paul. My husband can't even knock a nail in! Sometimes though I think he does things badly so I won't ask him to do anything again! If anything needs fixing in our house I do it myself if it's within my capabilities, if not, we get the professionals in because if hubby has a go it will be worse than when he started lol! Never give him anything technical either, he is such a technophobe. If he presses a button on one of the controls for the TV, or DVD player, recorders etc and he gets something odd on screen he shouts for me.

    Thanks for the laugh Jo. I honestly don't think it was your fault, it was like you say, force majeur, hand of God, or whatever you would like to call it. Hardly your fault that the wind blew the door!

  5. It definately wasn't Jo's fault! Unfortunately this was the subject of a recall on a lot of Scenics, Typical ours broke when away from home! I did have a bit of a Victor Meldrew moment though- seem to be having more of these as i get older, don't I Jo? LOL

  6. Hahaha this made me laugh! :) Altough probably wasn't as funny for you 2, sounds like a nightmare!!! :(