Sunday, 18 April 2010

BAH Quickie!

We had decided that we needed to get up to our BAH to bring back some of the 'wonderful' stuff that we had accumulated over the years so that it was presented in a better light for it's sale.

I got home from work on Friday at about 14.15 and by 14.30 we were on the road, with the trailer on the back of the car so that we could make the trip worthwhile and reduce the number of times we would need to return before it sold.

We arrived at 18:00 following a clear and uneventful drive up the A30 and M5, and proceeded to fill some of the boxes that we had taken up with us, whilst our Lasagne cooked away in the oven.

Luckily we had taken a lot back at the end of last season, as we knew that we would be selling, and so it was all sparkly and clean and easy to empty shelves straight into boxes.

The numerous DVD's and video tapes went in, and then the videos came out again and found their way to the bin!

The books filled about 3 boxes, and the spare linen and towels went into old suitcases that we had left up there.

We stacked the car up, with the lovely little mini tumble dryer we had bought from my friend Mandy last year in the boot of the car (this will be used with the tourer instead) and Paul's old mountain bike on the bike rack on the boot of the car.

Saturday morning came around to brilliant sunshine once more, and we took Fred for a wander through the site, spotting a couple who were obviously looking at buying a van.

mmmmm! I dashed back and made the bed (well it was still quite early!) and did a quick tidy around, just as they pulled up outside and asked if we would mind them having a quick look around. Brilliant we said - no problem!

Unfortunately they wanted a 3 bedroomed van not a 2, but at least they looked so this is promising.

The trailer got filled and hooked up and it was time for us to come back..... after a few hours rest and relaxation.

The journey home on Sunday morning was just as free and easy as the drive up, helped by the beautiful weather we are having at the moment.

We shall be returning next weekend for the last few remnants of items, and with any luck it will sell quickly so that we can start to use the little touring van, and discover more out our beautiful Cornwall.

It is such a shame to know that this wonderful little Blue Anchor Hideaway will no longer be ours to use as we want to, but it is time to move on and explore some new areas of the beautiful English countryside.


  1. Okay your title of this post got my attention...a post about a quickie. I thought you were becoming X-rated over here. Lol.
    It sounds tiring all that running around. You would need to go back to work to get some rest.

  2. Ha Ha sorry for the mislead - but I didn't expect such mucky minds amongst my readers LOL... Yes I've had to recover at work this week, and we are off again later today - Manic eh! x