Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lands End Trial

Since moving to Cornwall 3 years ago, Paul has been trying to attend the Blue Hill section of the London to Lands End Trial, which it run by the Motor Cycling Club. Despite being run by a Motor Cycle club, this event is open to Motor Cycles, Side Cars, Three Wheelers, and cars of any capacity.
The Blue Hills section of the Trial is challenging to say the least, and the steep inclines can sometimes prove too much of a match for some of the vehicles and they can need help being pulled up or out!

but this does not stop the hardened drivers and their little motors!

Blue Hills is found at the seaward end of the Trevellas Valley on the North Coast of Cornwall, and is covered in gorse and heather. This particular areas has been producing tin for many many years To Paul's amazement a chap appeared in an MX-5, and made a really good attempt, managing about half way up Blue Hills, an excellent result considering some cars fell at the first hurdle!

Having watched him for a while, Paul had to compliment him and ask if he minded some pictures being taken..... Too bad he could not get him to become a Cornwall MX-5 Club member at the same time eh!

The above picture shows a motor bike and an old MG. The MG did not make it, and had to be towed up, and the guy on the bike took a really bad fall and then had problems starting the bike up again. He finally managed it and completed the climb, achieving a huge cheer from the watching crowd.

The older bikes all seemed to do pretty well and we are sure that this chap also made it to the top

It was a really messy day, with the rain and wind against him all the time, but it was worth it for the views and the atmosphere

At last Paul had managed to attend this fantastic day, and, providing the weather is good next year, I shall be there with him cheering on the drivers in their next attempt.


  1. Looks like he had a great time.

  2. amazing pictures! you really do get out and about and why not? keep blogging and keep posting, it's always lovely to hear from you xxx