Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I'm going all Barbara Good!

Is it just me feeling very old, or do you all remember The Good Life..... yes it was back in 1975 that it was first aired, but just to remind you, I have borrowed this lovely picture of Barbara and Tom Good, along with Margo and Jerry Leadbetter
Barbara was the one who was always in dungaree's and covered in mud from her vegetable patch!
Anyway - I have wanted to try growing my own veg since we moved to Cornwall, and decided that this Spring it was going to happen...

You will remember that I bought a cloche from Trago, when Karen was visiting, and we built it up tonight so that I could get started

I had bought, peas, beans, carrots and onion seeds, whilst at Trago, and when I went out tonight for my compost and grow bag I could not resist some young little shoots that were 4 for £5 from my friends Mr B and Mrs Q LOL

I planted the seeds in large pots to prevent having to pot them on later, but I fully expect to have to do some thinning out, and then realised I would not remember what was what, so got out my trusty marker pen to write on the pots

It was then time to put the little seedlings into the grow bag for further nurturing

I had bought iceberg lettuce, cabbage, cauliflour and sprouts - all of which are regularly eaten by us, so with any luck will be very useful once they have grown

Having watered them all in, I put them to bed, like a worried mother, wondering how soon it will be before I notice some results...

Fingers crossed for a good harvest eh!


  1. Fantastic! I'm so jealous. Can't wait to see how they all progress. I used to love The Good Life, never missed it and still watch the repeats. Sad or what??!!

  2. LOL me too - wait till I do my Margot post on the varacan vacations blog LOL!

  3. Here's wishing you green fingers!

  4. The only time I have green fingers is when I have used green Cuprinol wood preserver on the garden shed.I like plants but they do not like me,they shrivel up and die !!
    Good luck with your good life enterprise and I hope you post some photos of the results.

  5. Hi Jo

    Lovely post, of course I remember The Good Life, it's part of my life too - lol.

    I've planted a few tomato and cucumbers seeds in little pots, they are sitting on my kitchen windowsill at the moment waiting for the time to be planted out into bigger ones in my little plastic greenhouse. I sowed them just before I went off to Northumberland and when I got back at the weekend I was surprised to see how big they were in just a week.

    Hope you get lots of lovely vegetables to eat. I've been doing tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers for a few years now and last year I tried a few carrots which weren't brilliant. My niece even started growing veg last year, and this year I took her some tomato and cucumber seeds up to get her started again.

    Hope you're well Jo.

  6. well done you, I love the Good Life!
    Rickys growing rhubarb, fruit and veg trees, tomatoes, gooseberrys and raspberries, so if you get far too many veg at harvest festival time, we shall do some swapsies! plus we've always got eggs!!