Sunday, 25 April 2010

'Owling Good Time!

OK - so this isn't the post I was expecting to be doing this weekend - we were, after all, supposed to be in Somerset once more at BAH, bringing back the last of the stuff and closing it up for the last time..... but sometimes, things happen beyond your control!

I arrived home from work on Friday, to find Paul in a terrible state of emotion. If you were to take Victor Meldrew (BBC TV sitcom One Foot in the Grave) and mix him with the Incredible Hulk, you would pretty much have it!

The electrics on the trailer had finally given up the ghost and therefore we had no lights or indicators - this put the trailer out of action, Paul ready to kill and screaming 'I don't believe it' every 2 seconds, and ranting about every time he wanted to use the trailer something happened.
Needless to say, there was no point in making the journey without the trailer, so we stayed put and I poured a large glass of Red for Paul and a nice Gin and Lemonade for me, whilst the Italian meatballs and Pasta heated through in the oven!

Saturday came around, and we headed over the Falmouth to see if Paul could get the spare parts to fix the lights at Trago, and so we decided to do the weekly shop in Asda as it was nearest to Trago on the Falmouth outskirts.

When we arrived I spotted something that I knew I would want to write about!

The Screech Owl Sanctuary, were outside with some of their little feathered stars, collecting donations for their Owl Hospital.

The birds were beautiful, and having made my donation to the cause, I got out my trusty mobile phone so I could use it's camera, as the real camera was still at home on recharge, and snapped a couple of shots....being on a mobile they may not be the best pictures in the world, but they do show these beautiful creatures off quite well.

Wylie the Barn Owl, came over to see me with his handler and was so white and fluffy - gorgeous...
the little chap above, I thought was a baby, but it turns out he is an old man of 10 years!

Although Aztec and Freedom did not come over and meet me in person, they both watched on warily

in fact, one of the Dads that was looking on with his children, likened Aztec to the grumpy owl from Winnie the Pooh.... What do you think? I think maybe he was right LOL

and as far as Freedom was concerned? He showed us exactly what he thought - look below his perch! LOL
And so, despite not getting away, a pretty ordinary trip to the shops, turned into a wonderful experience.
I wonder what we'll see next week?


  1. You never know what you'll find at Asda! I hope the trailer gets fixed. I have one on my wish list, as usually we can't see out of the car, we have a roof box and a bike rack.....a trailer would be so much easier.