Monday, 5 April 2010

A Date with Arthur.... That's KING Arthur!

It's Bank Holiday, and as everyone knows, you HAVE to do something exciting and intellectual on a Bank Holiday..... well something like that anyway!

Having had a lazy lie in and finally getting up at 8.15 (Yes that's over a 2 hour lie in for me!), I got onto the trusty lap top to get some ideas for today's educational day out.... I came up with Tintagel

Having called Sally~Ann and Mike to see if they fancied joining us, we headed on up the Atlantic Highway for the beautiful village of Tintagel.

For those of you that don't know, Tintagel is the place that many Arthurians believe is the site of the famed Camelot, the main residence of King Arthur and Guinevere during the days of the Round Table, and the magical wonders of Merlin.

me being a romantic, have always chosen to believe that Camelot is in our beautiful Cornish county, but despite this, I have never yet actually walked up to the Castle itself and had a good look around. Today is the day that this was to change, and more importantly it was to be a first for Sally~Ann and Mike too, as they had not been to Tintagel before.

After the very steep walk down to the cove, we then had the ridiculous climb up extremely steep steps (about 100 of them) to the ruins of the Castle

Once at the top I headed for the nearest resting point and collapsed in a writhing ball of pain and exhaustion - yes I am a wimp and yes I am extremely unfit, having not been able to do any Pilate's for a while

The ruins were very impressive, however not on the grand scale that I was expecting for the fabled Camelot

and as we looked back through the ruins we realised there were more across the water, but first we needed to climb down the 100 steps we had just managed to scale, and then climb up another 100 plus on the opposite side of the water

as it was, the side we had climbed first had the majority of the buildings of interest, and after a further climb up the headland we came to the chapel and the ladies gardens, amongst other buildings

On the way back down, Sally~Ann spotted this sign about Sir Richard - the steps he is sitting on are where I collapsed on the way in LOL

The headland behind me, in the picture below, is where we have to be for the other part of the Castle

Unfortunately, the walk down did us all in and we decided to get a coffee, but brave Paul went on up the other side and reported back to us - thankfully we did not miss too much, except the fact that he nearly collapsed and turned blue at the top of the steps - good choice on our part not to go with him we decided!

These are the pictures he got for us once up there

Hopefully from this signage you can see the extent of the area that is covered by the Castle

On the climb back up to the village (at which point I had to be pulled by Paul as I was knaggered), Sally~Ann purchase a postcard for a certain couple and posted it in the famous Old Post Office of Tintagel, especially for them

All in all it was a great day, the weather was kind to us, the skies stayed blue until we got to the car, and even if the wind was whipping up a tornado up top by the castle, it was really refreshing ans blew away all of those winter cobwebs.


  1. i love that place, so atmospheric

  2. Thanks Jo I feel as if I've had a day out too

  3. Somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

  4. Thank you for the virtual tour,I have never been to Tintagel,though I do know of it.Like you,I am a romantic and would like to think it was Camelot,seeing films and reading books on the subject,one does put a different picture in your mind to reality.G lad you all had a nice day.

  5. I still remember the magical feel of Tintagel when you gave us the tour of Cornwall! We didn't manage the castle but it still brought back some happy memories - love Mom x

  6. that looks like a magical place! and a picturesque workout area! Glad that it was a memorable day for you!

  7. Oh, lovely post Jo. I have been there too. It was way back in the 1970s if I remember correctly, went on holiday with my Mam and Dad, I have some lovely photos of there in one of my albums. We went inside a building too which had the Round Table in it if my memory serves me well.

    Obviously they have put a lot of signage etc since I was there.

    It was lovely to revisit the place with your wonderful virtual tour, thanks for sharing this.

    I do hope I can visit this area again some time soon.