Friday, 8 July 2011

Crafty Companions

It was a long time coming, but finally the day arrived for Tracey and I to attend the local school Summer Fair.

The plan was to sell all of the cards that we had been creating, and building up our stock especially for.

We had both worked really hard to build up a good range of cards to cover every occasion possible, and the plan was to make loads of dosh so that we could have a spend up on more crafty items!

I had arranged to finish work, charge home to let Fred out for a wee, and then throw the paste table and all of my cards into the boot of Tracey’s car.


We arrived at the allotted time, and set up our table, beneath some pretty gruesome black clouds.  I had thrown in a lace cover, and Tracey had grabbed an old duvet as a pretty cover for the table.


All of our wares were laid out, and then had to be re-arranged as the wind kept blowing them down!

Thankfully, Tracey’s husband, Adrian, had the foresight to find out his tarpaulin, just in case it rained……


and we needed it!


The cover came on and off through the afternoon, but that did not stop the fun and games for the children.


There was a coconut shy, Rat down a drainpipe……


hook a duck, cakes and candy floss.


We both managed to sell some cards, but to be honest, not enough to cover the cost of the table which they priced quite highly to get money for the school.

Despite the comedy of the two of us covering and uncovering our stock, we enjoyed ourselves, and are now considering doing an indoor table at the local car boot.  Perhaps we will have more luck?

Jo Anne



  1. This is amazing Jo! It's a shame you didn't sell many but that was probably the weather! Well done! :) xx

  2. I have done many shows and fairs with my tole painted pieces through the years and have never found them to be worth the time, effort and costs of setting up.
    I can tell you that at every show and craft fair I have done the tables that sell home baked goods sell out in no time....yet I personally would never buy food from a stranger. Ugh.

  3. What a shame the weather was so bad for you. Not sure how sales go at these things as have never tried one, cost of the table top has always put me off to be honest.

    You could have done with taking along a gazebo to save you all that hassle of covering up the merchandise but it's a good job you took it with you!!!!