Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bye Bye Betty Blue, Hello Pricilla Queen of the Cornish Roads

As most of you who have been following my antics for a while will be aware, Paul injured his back a few years ago, before we left the bright light of Birmingham, to move to Cornwall.

The company he worked for at the time, paid to have a sports physio try to ease it, but with two prolapsed discs, it’s only a matter of time before problems rear their ugly heads once more.

About 12 to 18 months ago he was in a lot of pain.  I arranged for him to see our Company Osteopath, on a private basis, and although it cost a fortune, it did a grand job of easing the pain and re aligning the discs in his spine.

Unfortunately, whilst we were on holiday, with all of the manoeuvring of the caravan, and the lifting of equipment, and long hours driving, his back went once more.

This time was worse than he has known it for a long while. 

To cut a long story short, we decided to sell my lovely Betty Blue.  This was not a decision that we took lightly.  We have owned and run an MX-5 for in excess of 10 years now, and to not have on in our household, or be able to be members of the club any more, is a big step.

We went up to Exeter to view a possible motor, and as we arrived home, the final straw in Betty’s coffin, was that Paul’s back and legs had locked, and he was stuck in her!

The hunt must now start in earnest, but it has to be a local car for us, as Paul just can’t do a journey in her any more.


After much investigation and review checking, my decision was made on the car I wanted.  My number plate was put on retention ready for the next car, and we are awaiting the log book with the new reg number for Betty.

Today we found and paid our deposit on my replacement.

It is not quite like for like in cost, but it’s close enough for us to be able to put the difference on the credit card, and clear a bit each month.

At some point this week, all of the paperwork will be sorted and I shall hand over Betty and collect Pricilla. (get it? Cilla as in Black……..LOL)

my car1

What do you think of her? She has a silver union jack on her roof, and go faster stripes up her bonnet!

Not quite a convertible, but striking in her own right I think, even if she is already 5 years old.

It’s amazing just how much room there is in the newer style of Mini.  It also has lumbar support and height adjustable seats and steering column.  Perfect for when Paul drives it!

I feel a song coming on….. this is the self preservation society… LOL

Jo Anne



  1. How cute is she.
    Won't he have trouble getting in and out though? I know my guy is 6'3 and has a tough time getting down low into my car no matter where we put the seat.
    Lumbar support is such a treat for a long drive.

  2. Thanks Lori.
    Paul is 6'2", and amazingly he is fine getting in an out. The new style of mini is a lot higher up than the 'original' Italian Job style mini, and there is loads of head and leg room. He doesn't have to fold himself into it like he does with the MX5, so it's smiles all round>

  3. Have you sold Betty Blue yet Jo?

    What a shame you are having to get rid of her and that you can no longer be members of the MX-5 Club - if there isn't one, you'll have to set up a Mini club!!!!!

    Anyway your new steed looks lovely and her name is very apt.

  4. Hi JG
    Yes Betty has been sold, and I am awaiting the replacement registration documents before I can arrange hand over. The trials of having a cherished number plate!