Saturday, 9 July 2011

The New Arrival

Pricilla arrived home today……

The stork had a little trouble in lifting her weight, so I had to go and collect her, but it was worth the trip!

Yes, I did have a few tears in handing over Betty Blue, after all she had been a big part of our lives for so long, but Pricilla had me smiling the moment I sat behind her wheel.

It’s now time for our Mini Adventure, so no doubt she will help us to create some new memories, just as Betty did for us.

Paul did a little valet on her for me and then it was out and about to try her on the roads.


Meanwhile, my biggest joy?  Being able to get a weeks shopping in her boot! LOL (BTW, I do normally use reusable bags, but I forgot to put them in her boot before I left the house!)


Welcome Pricilla!

Jo Anne



  1. Pricilla looks great - Paul did a good job on the valet.

    Did you sell Betty?

  2. Thanks. He did a great job, I agree.
    Yes Betty sold and I just had to find the difference in money, which thankfully wasn't much, to buy Pricilla.