Sunday, 3 July 2011


Yesterday Paul did a bit of a daft thing!

We had a load of rubbish and recycling to go to the dump, along with some garden waste.

Pauls car will hold just about anything asked of it, as it is an estate, so everything went into the back, including the garden waste bags.

The garden waste bags had been closed and festering for about 6 weeks, in the Cornish sunshine, and were pongy, acrid and soupy. Nice!

Off Paul drove to the local council tip.  I never thought any more of it.

An hour or so later a very green looking Paul fell through the front door, feeling exceptionally sick!

The garden rubbish bags had split and spilt the liquid contents into the entire rear end of the car, soaking into the upholstery and carpets, adding an altogether un-nice fragrance to the interior of the car!

Today, he is spending the day taking apart every piece of interior upholstery and carpet, trim and fitting, and placing it in the garden to be wet vacc’d or scrubbed.


Thankfully the sun is shining and the day is exceptionally hot, so it should not take long for it all to dry, but Oh Boy! I hope this gets rid of the smell!P7030007P7030008

Fingers crossed!

Jo Anne


  1. That is really really bad. I took a whole wall full of ivy to the tip once and had spiders in my car for weeks! I just kept finding them!

  2. Take some coffee beans or ground coffee and put it in the ashtrays in the car (please don't tell me you need them for smoking lol)
    and the any smell will go away. If can work for a dead rodent it can work for this.
    Plus it makes you crave a cup of coffee. When the smell is gone you can just vacuum out the coffee from the ashtrays.

  3. What a fantastic tip, I'll do that now. Thanks so much Lori. X

  4. OMG - I can smell it from here - no wonder Paul felt sick.

    Hope he's got it all sorted our now and that Lor's tip works for you.