Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jannah’s Big Day

Amazing! Another year has gone by, and Paul’s little sister, who was only in nappy’s yesterday surely? is now 17 years old!

Even more amazing? She is learning to drive! How did this happen? Where did the years suddenly disappear to?

I remember going to see Dee in hospital taking with us a bouquet of flowers for her, and a teddy bear for the tiny, tiny  JB, and now she is 17!

I think it’s time for a midlife crisis and a panic about how old I now feel, LOL

Anyway, back to the gorgeous young lady that is our sister!

We were all invited for a meal to celebrate her 17th, and headed over to Perranporth to meet up and hand over cards and prezzies prior to the meal.

Then it was time to have a slow stroll over the road to the restaurant, and find our seats.


It was the usual suspects that attended, along with Jade and Ambers family.


As we sat at our table we were able to watch the gorgeous view as the sun began to come down over the beach at Perranporth.


A view that none of us could get tired of, and that makes us proud of where we are living.  Such a fantastic County.


We ate our meals, and then followed it up with a cake that Dee has made especially for the birthday girl.


What a fantastic evening.


Jo Anne

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