Sunday, 28 August 2011

Time and Tide Wait for No One

Another year, another tide race.

We got the times from Sally-Ann and dutifully set off down to Portreath to watch the events as they unfolded.

Needless to say, Pill and I did the hunt for the most gorgeous bloke we could find, who was building their stand on sand castle so we could get a picture of them! Such Fun! LOL



We soon got bored of watching the tide come in over the towers of sand, and everyone went into the water….. well I watched from the side lines as it was far too cold today for me!


I did however manage to jump waves with little Sara, we had a great time shouting, one, two, three, jump!


We took the obligatory group picture of everyone, before heading back home, having said our goodbyes.P8280072

Jo Anne

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  1. Lovely photos looks like a lot of fun! I love the saying tide and time wait for no one. Simple but I just love it! x