Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hold Onto Your Seat!

When I got Prick-illa she had a problem with a snapped cable under her drivers seat which prevent it sliding forward to allow rear passenger entry.

Whilst Simon was here on his last visit he said he thought he may have one, as he is a senior technician with a large German car manufacturer (mentioning no names LOL).  We were quoted about £120.00 plus fitting from the dealership (totalling about £250.00ish) we were thrilled that he was happy to check his garage for us.

Bless him! He arrived in Cornwall for his latest visit, with cable dutifully packed in his case for us.

Paul took some fitting advise from him, and once the tide race was over, and we got home and he began pulling my precious little motor apart to repair her.


The seat was removed from the foot well, and placed on its side on his work bench, and he set to work removing the old cable and replacing it with the new one.


Bingo.  One beautifully sliding seat, doing the job it was supposed to do.

The best part is, it just cost me 18 scones, a very large tub of clotted cream and a jar of jam! Yummy goodness enjoyed by all!

Thanks so much Simon!

Jo Anne

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  1. What a bargain, so good to have helpful friends. A small price to pay!