Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cuttlebug Fun

A little while ago Tracey was bought a Cuttlebug, and we had been promising ourselves we would get together and have a go, as I also have one, and we would see what we could produce.

I receive an email from Do Crafts on a regular basis, as I am an member of their online community, and I had spotted some designs that I thought we could use as our practice run. 



I set up the table with all we would need, and when Tracey arrived, showed her the finished card I had produced, and the practice run I had made for that night.


We now had a plan of action, and set about spreading our crafty goodness all over the kitchen work surfaces.

I had invested in some of the new acrylic stamps that were on special at The Range on a 3 for 2 sale, and we used these as our basis for the toppers that were produced for the cards.


All in all we had a really great evening of craft and chat. I am so lucky to have a friend that loves card making as much as me, and who is able to spare time away from her little boy and husband just to come out and play for an evening.

Thanks Tracey – Great evening x

Jo Anne


  1. I'd come and play too if I lived a little nearer!

    Looks like you had fun.

  2. They certainly are cute, but then all your cards are lovely.

  3. Thanks Pam and I hope you would JG lol x