Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Little Bit of Trust….. National Trust!

And so…. The weather is still playing in our favour.  Trenwainton Gardens here we come!

This is a local gardens to us, being only about 30 minutes away, however, following a mass of holiday traffic hitting the A30 towards Penzance, we had to improvise on the route we took, which meant we finally arrive 45 minutes after leaving the house, with the help of some super sleuth map reading by our very own Miss Marple, otherwise known as Sally-Ann.


Having parked up, we made our way through some very green, pathways…. unfortunately we had missed all of the flowering plants!P8100007P8100009

P8100010Wandering through the pathways, we caught glimpses of different parts of the grounds, and knew we would make our way around for further inspection as the path took us along it’s way.P8100019P8100018

P8100021A beautiful spot was selected for our picnics to come out, and we sat with views over Mounts Bay, and the soft breezes keeping us comfortable.P8100020P8100022

P8100030P8100031After lunch, we drifted on, taking in the rest of the gardensP8100038P8100039P8100034


Sally-Ann, played the good blogger, and caught a piccie of a snail on a leaf!


There were some lovely sculptures…..



Some water for Fred to inspect…..



and some lovely vegetable gardens and flower beds


A lovely day out.

Jo Anne


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