Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Holiday Begins….. Sort of!

Finally the first day of our holiday comes around, and following an incident involving me, and the back of an ambulance on Friday, I just want to crack on with the slabbing.

Unfortunately, I have it in writing that I have to ‘rest’ for a few days, but this is not an option when we need to get this job finished.

With a lot of tweaks to the master plan by Paul, I am allowed to pour the water onto the muck in the cement mixer, and that’s about all he’ll allow me to do! Yes, I am ok, but it’s a long and foolish story, so don’t worry!

And so, we crack on.  One set of slabs is already down, as you have seen, and the second lot are planned for this weekend.

If we can finish them, we can then have a few days of Cornish Countryside exploration and relaxation, so it’s in our interest to get it done, so to speak!

Saturday, was spoiled by the fact that the wrong mix had been delivered, and so Paul had to spend 3 hours driving back and forward with the trailer to collect the correct ‘dust’ mix for the cement.  All in all a bit of a disaster in terms of laying, especially as the weather held off for us. We only managed to get down about 4 slabs!


Sunday began and we were outside. The heavens kept weeping on us in small amounts all morning, and then this afternoon, they opened fully.

I was forced inside to ‘rest’ and watch from the window, as Paul got drenched and muddy in the downpour, as he tried to get the last four slabs in position.


He did a grand job, and deserved the long hot bath that I suggested to help sooth his sore muscles.



I think we shall have a day off from anything on Monday!


Only a few more slabs and we can finish either side of the patio and bring it one row deeper to enclose that other man hole, but that’s a job for later in the week.

Jo Anne


  1. Excuse me! THAT is NOT a patio and in any event patios are passé. Nope. what you have created there is a terrace! Fab - well done you and would you please put your husband on the bus to me.


  2. Aw no! I hope you are ok!
    The patio looks lovely! Or terrace. ;)

  3. Well done Paul & Jo - and what did you do - telling me not to worry & not saying what happened, means I'll worry!!!!! Anyway the patio(terrace looks brilliant - testament to hard work!)Love you lots Mom xx