Thursday, 22 September 2011

Relic Hunters

Another half day, and another trip for the family.

We were doing Truro Museum and Cathedral, I knew that Keith loves history, and thought this might be just the thing.

We spent a good while wandering the exhibits, with Keith falling in love with certain items as he went around.


P9220034P9220039P9220042P9220044P9220047P9220054Then it was time for a coffee and a sit down before walking around to the cathedral.


Truro Cathedral is a beautiful place, and we had a slow meander, before lighting a candle each for Nan, who’s birthday would have been only a week away.

It was then time to head home, and back to Paul who was just finishing work.

Jo Anne


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  1. Lovely, we did stop in Truro when we were down this year but I think I may have been there myself back in the 70s.