Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mom’s Trelissick Trip

We were all up bright and breezy today, and the decision was made to take Mom and Keith to Trelissick Gardens for a wander and some lunch.

Unfortunately Keith was suffering with his legs, after the long drive, and decided to stay at home, but the rest of us piled in the car, and headed on up to the gardens.


The weather was glorious for us, and despite the fact that there were not that many plants in bloom, the trip was a success.

Mom found some plants that she fell in love with and decided that she would like some to take home for her garden.  This means a trip to the garden centre some time this week.


We had a lovely gentle stroll around the grounds, and then headed back to the coffee shop for some lunch.  Soup, roll and coffee all round, followed by huge gooey cakes and cream for after….. let me just say that the protestations of making her fat did not last longer than it took to get the spoon to her mouth LOL


On the drive home, we detoured to Godrevey in order to do some seal spotting. 

We had great success, and saw a beach full of mother seals with their pups, but the gale like winds on the cliff top soon had us running back to the car for some cover!



A lovely first full day with Mom.

Jo Anne


  1. Lovely photos and a lovely day out.

  2. Dear Jo and Paul - lovely to see all the photos again - it just brought back what a lovely time we had and how much we enjoyed being with you both again!!!! Ahhhh! I'm starting to miss you both very much again - sob, sniff!!!!. Love you lots, Mom & Keith xxxxxxx P.S - Don't forget to send a disc of the photos when you're ready x