Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Falmouth of Course!

When I knew that we were having Mom and Keith visit, I organised to have two half day holidays.  One for today and one for tomorrow.  My half days start at 11.00am, so it was a great time to ask them to be ready for.  As soon as I got home they climbed into Prick-illa and we set off.

We headed on to Falmouth, with a plan of ‘doing’ Trago for Keith.  He wanted a jacket to replace one that was a bit the worse for wear and knew he would be able to get one there.

Mom, like me, just wanted a mooch!


We had great success in getting Keith’s wet weather jacket, and so, celebrated with the purchase of an Oggies pasty each, and a trip up to Pendennis Point to eat them, whilst watching the world and the boats go by.

It was now nearly 2.30pm and time for Paul to finish his shift at work.  We messaged him to say we were heading home via the garden centre, to look for the plant that Mom had seen on Sunday, and were going to grab a coffee and a cake whilst we were there.

He messaged back that he was on his way to join us!

No plants, but a very large piece of lemon meringue pie and a mug of latte later, we were all very happily full, and heading back home for a rest before I had to think about cooking supper for us all!

Jo Anne

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