Saturday, 17 September 2011

and Hens go Cluck Cluck…..

It’s all getting quite exciting!  Liza gets married in October, and tonight is the Hen Party. Don’t read any further if you are of a sensitive nature LOL…

Tracey and I have been putting together hen bags for all those attending, which include Ann Summers magazines with 10% discount vouchers, perfumes, shampoo’s, conditioners, lipsticks, loads of Avon products, love heart sweets with “Liza’s Hen Night, Gwel an Mor, 17 September 2011” on the external label (these are done by a local company with the wording that you request)

There are also party poppers, naughty willie shaped sweet dummies, and some aromatherapy soaps in the shape of, you guessed it, willies!

In Liza’s bag, we also added a blue garter, some honeymoon dice that contain certain suggestions when you roll them, and of course her halo, wand and tiara!


Tracey and I arrived about 45 minutes early in order to place the soap willies on each place setting…… the aroma was so strong we couldn’t put them in the hen bags!


Then as people arrived, we handed them their personalised hen bag.  We had managed to do all of the bags for a total cost of £35.00, so each person only had a tiny amount to pay towards the fun.


The fun soon got underway, and although the rest of the night was pretty normal, as Liza didn’t want any of the hoo ha that goes with hens do’s, we still managed to all have a laugh and ask the chap looking after us all for his trousers, boxers and a kiss!  Of course I had nothing to do with this!


Soon enough the night was over, and I headed back home.  Pauls Mom and step Dad had arrived a few hours ago from Birmingham and, I just had time to have a natter and a catch up before we all headed off to bed.


Such Fun! in the words of a certain lady from ‘Miranda’.  I love that show! LOL

Jo Anne

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  1. Sounds ike you all had lots of fun!!!! Now I know why you were visiting the Ann Summers shop a while back! You naughty thing - lol! I don't believe you didn't ask the guy for his trousers, boxers and a kiss!!!!!