Monday, 19 September 2011

Boating Lake Bliss

Following very full days at work for both Paul and I, we arrived home at mid afternoon, and picked up Mom and Keith for a trip down to Helston.


In all our years here, we had not walked the Helston Boating Lake, only driven past it, so we thought it might make a nice afternoon, early evening stroll before our evening meal.


We managed to park very close to the pathway, and made our way over tot he lake and the inquisitive swans that were watching our every move.


P9190016Although it’s not a large lake to walk around, it was a lovely stroll.

We drove home via Porthleven and Marazion, just for the views really LOL!


Jo Anne


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  1. Lovely, it's good to have relatives visit and do things with them you wouldn't normally.