Friday, 7 August 2009

Genealogy and Sunsets

Today it was time to get a gear on, and actually find out where a particular family in my family tree appear in various census.

This family line has been the bain of my life for the past 3 plus years, as we have just not been able to get any further back, and every now and again my frustration gets the better of me and the hunt starts all over again.

Mike and Sally-Ann came over, with the intention of Paul and Mike doing the brakes on their Mk1 MX5, whilst Sally-Ann and I do a little family history research.

Unfortunately the final part they needed did not arrive on time so the cars brakes were put on hold. This meant that there were two very bored husbands watching on as Sally-Ann and I shrieked each time we found something new on our respective lap tops that would lead up further back in time for my family line. Bless them!

We did really well in our hunt and actually made quite good headway, along with a potential relative on Genes Reunited.

After we had eaten, we headed down the Portreath Beach with the dogs

The sun was just dropping into the sea as we arrived....

A lovely end to the evening

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