Sunday, 30 August 2009

# Everything Stops For Tea.... La La La #

A quiet Sunday morning.

Grey skies and drizzle.

Meet friends for afternoon tea.

Last night Sally-Ann contacted us to see if we would like to join them all for a Cornish Cream Tea at The Smugglers Cottage today. Great we said - we've not been there yet....

Unfortunately the weather got the better of us, and as Smugglers is on the river in a very picturesque location the day would not have done it justice. With this in mind, we amended our plans to include Trevaskis Farm instead.

Unfortunately on arrival at 3pm they were still serving the Sunday Lunches and turned us away..... What now we all said - Then someone mentioned the local Wyvale Garden Centre, at St Erth..... We all went bombing down the bypass in order to get there before they closed, all in a quest for the perfect scone and cream!

We made it in just enough time - and despite worrying the entire staff to death, as we all strolled in talking of cream teas (they only had 2 scones left at this time of day) we sat down with our various cake choices and enjoyed our Sunday afternoon.

On the way out I was talking of taking surf lessons next year - wrong thing to say with Jamie and Phill in earshot - I was to go in the water tomorrow afternoon with them - they had a spare wet suit... AAAAHHHH! Me and my big mouth!

Anyway, despite the sudden arrangements for body boards and wet suits we had a great time - Thanks for including us guys x


  1. love cream tea...clotted cream is just to die for..better than Brad Pitt naked in a king size bed...and another nice picture of everyone!

  2. has sally-ann got a choccy eclair on her plate!!

  3. Surf lessons? Sounds awesome!! Looks like you had a great time :)

  4. Surf lessons sounds like a Great idea!