Saturday, 29 August 2009

Men and Excersize- Phooey!

The lovely Mel of Pilates Portreath fame, had managed to get hold of the hall this morning to give 2 lots of free Pilates classes for complete beginners as a sampler.

The Pilates Virgin Chicks were to be at 09.00 and the Virgin Men at 10.00
Simon had already agreed to go, and roped in Jamie and Phill (who were due to arrive at 5am that morning from Luton!)

The local chap from Portreath cried off at the last minute, so, as we all know each other or were related to each other, Sally-Ann and I were asked if we would like to join the lads.

We jumped at the chance, and I even managed to get Paul to come along!

Mel started off by showing the men, how to find neutral using their TA... They listened intently

She showed them how to release their back muscles in child's pose...

Then the hard work really started with the kilo and half kilo weights..... Now these exercises were ramped up for the lads, and SA and I found them quite tough, but they were not going to get the better of us in front of the lads!

Then it was time for the plank - keep those buts down lads!

and scissors with a raised circle - 45 degree angle for the legs boys!

We had great fun and were completely pooped at the end of it! Thanks Mel x

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