Sunday, 16 August 2009

Men and Dogs

On Friday evening it was the annual boat trip up the Fal with the MX-5 owners club.

Whilst the evening was very enjoyable and the fireworks more incredible than normal, I was not quite all there. I had had to leave Paul at home, suffering with a really nasty bout of Man Flu. This is the first time I have really seen Paul give in to a cold or flu, so I knew he was feeling pretty grotty. I spent most of the evening at the back of the boat texting him to check he was OK!

He promised me he was having an early night and would be in bed before 8.30. At 9.30 I received a picture text. He had built up the dining table that had been delivered that afternoon, and more to the point, it was supposed to be a two man build project!

When I got home just after 11pm, I found that he had only just gone to bed, having built up the 4 chairs to go with the dining table!

The following morning, I came downstairs to find out that Fred had been sick a few times and had got a cough. (thankfully all the downstairs floors are laminated!) and he was very snuffly. I spoke with his vet, and he advised that he had a viral infection or cold and just to keep an eye on him for the next few days.

So now I have 2 sick men in the house. Saturday came and went, with a lot of vegging out on the couch, watching Paul sleep on the sofa, and me cuddling Fred, and soothing his throat each time he coughed.

As he was his usual jolly doggy self, he kept trying to bark at the usual barkable noises, only to find that his throat hurt and he then started to cough again! He didn't stop bouncing around the garden though.

We had to get up to him in the night for an urgent trip into the garden, and at 5am I ended up bringing a duvet downstairs and sleeping on the couch with him.

He finally settled at about 6.30 and got some shut eye.

So here I am - Sunday lunchtime, knackered, and ready for bed and SLEEP!



  1. I think it is funny that you cuddled up with the canine and not the human.
    I hope you don't get what either of them have.

  2. My hubby always has 'man flu' even when he just has a tiny little sniffle. You give him something to take for it and he either takes it for one day and says it doesn't work or doesn't bother to take any at all and announces he's okay again when I ask why he didn't use the medecines I gave him!!!!!

    We women are made of stronger stuff - we can have real flu and still carry on with all the jobs we have to do around the house, look after the family and go to work.

    Great blog as usual Joanne, pop over to my blog I have just posted a couple more large cards and a calendar.

  3. Sorry to hear about your family being sick. That was so nice of him to put together the table.

  4. no wonder you have a migraine...x

  5. Thanks everyone - Paul is a fighter, and never once gave up - the klitchen still got some work done on it and I got my dining table and chairs built up - what a trooper x