Friday, 28 August 2009

Dangermouse (The Cat!)

Dangermouse is my friends cat - let us say, possibly the biggest cat in the entire world ever - well that I've met anyway!
He is the very much loved Ragdoll that belong to my friends Alison and Paul. Now Paul loves his music, and, as such has a very good music system and speakers, but when he needs extra cables etc, he uses the chord company. (
The last box they had delivered, Dangermouse adopted as his own, and curls up in it sleeping and generally doing cat like things.

It got to a point where he got so big (and I don't want to use the words fat and cat together but hey - I know that Alison won't object to it LOL!)
Paul and Alison decided they would send some photo's to the Chord Company and see if they could get a new bigger box for Dangermouse - and hey presto one arrived for him....
and Alison and Paul were advised that the staff at the Chord Company were so chuffed to have such an admirer of their cardboard cartons that they have got his pictures all over the walls of the offices and have made him their new company mascot!

Well done Dangermouse - you now fit into your new favourite toy once more!


  1. Thank you for visiting... I love that cat.x

  2. Oh this makes me miss my old Alvin kitty. He lived a fabulous life to age 18 and never let a box, a bag or a laundry basket pass him by. The fact that he was crazy nuts helped.