Friday, 28 August 2009

Paul and Simon's Tramway Cycle Ride

When Simon said that he was going to bring his bike down with him on holiday, he and Paul said that they would try and fit in a cycle ride on one of the mineral tramways, before Simon had to go back home....

I arrived home from work, just in the nick of time and managed to snap a piccie of them in the back garden, before they headed off up the Great Flat Lode.

Paul had his mobile phone camera, and had strict instructions to take plenty of photo's for the blog! He clearly thought that the dark rain clouds that were headed their way were of interest to us all....

and after a light sprinkling of rain, they cycled out the other side and back into the blue skies again

they headed up towards the Bassett Stamps and Engine House
and on towards Wheal Francis

Marriot Shaft and Pascoe Shaft, with the Miners Dry House catching Paul's eye for another photo (below)

These are the two engine houses at South Wheal Frances, and are very large and imposing in comparison to some of the others he has seen

These information placards are inside the Miners Dry

and on towards Carn Brea mine (above) with South Crofty in the background (below)

Paul had a thoroughly enjoyable ride, and is thrilled that he actually managed to break the crank on his bike - Now he can finally get his replacement all singing all dancing new bike through the Ride 2 Work scheme that the government subsidise. Cheeky Monkey eh!

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  1. Great pics from a camera phone, going to have to get a new phone I can see that...and a bike too!!!