Saturday, 27 February 2010

Impromptu Afternoon and Evening

This afternoon Paul decided that he wanted to try towing the caravan for the first time. Mike had said he would join him as moral support, and so off they went, with Paul looking a little nervous to say the least!
In the meantime, Sally~Ann and I stayed home with the 2 dogs, and I made the engagement card to beat all engagement cards for Jamie and Phill.... Hope you like it guys, I can't wait to be able to blog a picture of it LOL
Having worked out the card and put it all together I then finished off Mike's birthday card. All the time Sally~Ann gave her expert opinion on my creations, and offered some advice on them.
At a quater to 5 we hit the gin bottle! - well the sun was over the yardarm somewhere in the world! The awful part is that I insisted on commenting on poor Pams blog after my first glass of gin - not wise - Sorry Pam, I'm such a naughty girlie when I'm inhebriated LOL - no you can't go and see what I put, it was not suitable for public viewing I'm afraid!
The lads arrived back about an hour and a half later - by this time we were more than half cut on gin and the lasagne we were having for tea was willing me to stay sober enought not to burn it!
Mike and Paul had had a good experience with the van and Paul was far more relaxed about the idea of towing it to a holiday destination for us. They were even more relaxed after a little of the Chateau Portreath Red that was opened when they got back
We all sat to supper and stuffed our faces with the aforementioned lasagne, salad and garlic bread, and then watched the Dance for Sport Relief show, whilst we chatted about how good or bad the contestants were.
The evening drew to a close very quickly, as all good things generally do.
A great day guys - thanks and Happy early Birthday Mike x


  1. We had a great time and thanks for introducing me to gin and lemonade. I don't think tonics will ever appear on the shopping list again! Fab meal and lovely company as always x

  2. Wow, seems like you and Sally-Ann had a great time. Good job you didn't hit the drink until you'd finished the card making - lol.

    Can't wait for you to post the engagement card for me to see.