Friday, 14 January 2011

Latest Goss!

It's been a strange few weeks since Christmas. Not that I actually got a break, as unfortunately we have to work right through at our place, but the strange part came the week before Christmas.
I have been updating and uploading my tree onto and have been in touch with many people, who I have now discovered to be cousins by varying degree's.
In amongst all of these people, were a couple, who I thought my blood link finished with the wife. It seems, from an email I received from them, that I have a lot more cousins coming from this lady, and a majority of them in Cornwall!
How bizarre is this. We chose to move somewhere that has no connection to either of us, or so we thought, and then it transpires that I have family going back generations, living within about 15 miles of us!
I am to be in touch with the local lady, whom I have not spoken with yet, but who wants to meet me.
I will update you as things transpire! In the meantime, I'll get back to the Tree!


  1. A Very similar thing happened to me. If you remember I was living in Appledore a couple of years back and our nearest big town was Barnstaple. We too had no connections to the area, but we felt a connection there, we were drawn there and loved it with all our much so the area played a huge part in healing my broken heart after the loss of my Mum. The place changed our lives. Well when my aunt was doing some family research she discovered my Grandfather x4 was born & bred in Barnstaple but his trade of a carpenter meant they were forced to move to London for work. Spooky! x

  2. Ooh, Jo isn't that strange - perhaps fate. Hope you have a good meeting with the local lady and learn a lot more about your family.

    I'm busy with my tree too at the moment, and have just digressed to looking at my old school friend's family for her and it looks like we could be related vaguely through marriage, not directly by blood, but distantly.

  3. I am always amazed at the connections I find. How fun.

  4. We have an unusual surname and we thought the family name had all but died out and would only survive by our own children and two Grand sons.We were amazed at how many cousins were found when my B I L traced the family tree.
    Good luck meeting your relative,hope you find out more about your family.

  5. Thank you for stopping by.x.