Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nightime in the Garden of Eden...

I hate the Winter!

If there could possibly be a more miserable person during the dark nights and mornings, it's me! I am most certainly SAD and just wish my life away for the Summer and sunshine once more.

Needless to say, during these dark and dreary months, I just can't be fagged to do anything! Am I allowed to say that? LOL. It's true though! I get home from work and close the curtains to hide the rain or the dark skies and I hole up for the evening, making myself feel better with chocolate and whatever fattening niceties I can find in the store cupboard.

There is however, one thing that I have wanted to do, during the Winter months, that we have not yet managed to do since moving to Cornwall. Eden by night!

If you have not yet managed to visit The Eden Project, and you have a spare day whilst you are in Cornwall, it is well worth a trip, however it's not cheap at £18 per adult.
In the out of season months, Cornish residents are able to visit Eden for just £5 per adult. This then entitles them to a free pass for the year, providing that they return with their photo ID and proof of address.
With this pass, you don't mind arriving half an hour before closing, if you have only a few minutes to kill, and just having a wander around as you have not lost anything, other than an hours drive up country to reach it. Well worth us doing.
Having checked that Saturday would be a late night opening day, we decided to make that our day to get our free annual pass. It was also a special time for me, as it would have been my Dad's birthday on the Sunday. I hoped he would be with us to enjoy the lights.... and, as I saw a Robin Redbreast. I think he was with us!

We arrived as everyone else was leaving - more fool them, another half an hour and the place cam alive with lights

We took a gentle stroll down the slop towards the biomes, and the twinkling lights and sound of music from the ice rink greeted us.

Although I was desperate for a go on the ice, it was very busy and very fast, so it was not a wise idea, after all Christopher Dean was live on TV that night, so there was no chance of him saving me if I fell!

having stopped off for some pictures of the skaters and to watch their expertise, we headed on to the tropical biome, which immediately steamed the lens of the camera up!

but having done a quick wipe with my finger over the lens I managed to snap this quick shot, before we went any deeper into the tropics

The whole place is so different by night, and the normal spot lights that show up the plants during the day, played off the leaves of the plants and hit the roof of the biome, giving the impression of stars up above.

The waterfall still rushed by on it's mission for lower ground, and the plants still bloomed despite the darkness...

from the tropics we walked through the link way to the Mediterranean biome, where the smell of BBQ food, and spicy paellas filled out nostrils and made our mouths water for our supper.
As the foods here were only small samples and finger foods though, we had decided on another plan for our meal.

Wandering back outside, we walked past this wonderfully glowing arbour, before entering the education centre.

normally this place is crammed with people hitting all of the buttons on the machines, but we were lucky enough to have it all to ourselves pretty much.
Two hours had suddenly passed us by, and it was time to head back to the car, and onwards to Portreath, for our supper in the Arms. Salmon, salad and chips for us girlies and Steak and Kidney pie for the gents.
What a great evening. Goodbye Winter blues, if only for one day!


  1. I remember you saying in your posts before about you seeing a robin and that your dad was with you. Pleased you saw a Robin Jo.

    Eden Project looks great at night, although I don't know what it's like in the day as we haven't been yet, but you have put it on the list of must sees for us when we visit later in the year and meet up with you too, which I'm really looking forward to.

    Great to see you posting again. Any more cards to post on your card blog yet?

    Must admit I don't like the winter and like you as soon as it's dark the blinds and curtains are closed against the cold and darkness to keep us cosy and warm. I'm not happy when we have to go out again in the evening as it's too chilly but if MN has rehearsals needs must I'm afraid.

  2. I think almost every blog friend I have has mentioned suffering from SAD syndrome,including myself.!! Roll on spring.
    I think it must be something that only us ladies suffer with because I do not hear the men in my life complaining.!!
    I did go to the Eden Project once,when it first opened,looking at your photos there seems to be much more there now than when I went.
    The photos are lovely,It looks magical by night.Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Wow! It looks amazing there! I can't believe that after all the times I have been to Cornwall I've never been? I can't understand it!?!

    Oh I agree on everything you say about winter! I can't wait for the summer to come, when we can all be outside in the sunshine (or probably the rain!!). Mind you it's a beautiful and sunny day today, so maybe it's not that bad.........

    Lucy xxx