Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pastures New...

My lovely friend and colleague left us on Monday for pastures new.
Not only has she she been there for us in her work capacity as our nurse, but she has been a wonderful friend and a shoulder for all of us to cry on at some time or another.
She received some terrible news a short while ago, just as she was about to leave us, and so we wanted to show her how much she means to us, and that we are all there for her, when she is ready to call on us.

We all met at the Tyringham Arms, not far from St Ives. The place had just been taken over by another ex work colleague, and as it was not far for us all to go, we decided to land on him and check out how they were doing.

After a little cheekiness from us all, and a fair bit of laughing and joking, we all settled down to a really fabulous meal.

These pictures don't show all of those who were there for Lorna's leaving party, but even so, I think you can see what a great time we all had.

We shall really miss you Lorna, but don't worry, we have the next night out planned already!

Watch out Tyringham Arms, we shall be returning!