Saturday, 29 January 2011

Terrible Trio!

Another day with friends today. Tracy, Alison and I have been planning and looking forward to this since Autumn last year. It's Craft Show time once more at Westpoint in Exeter.
There are to be a lot of suppliers there that we are wanting to visit, along with some new ones too.
Alison is after knitting wool, fabric for some dresses she is making, and some cross stitch kits if any take her eye, Tracy and I are after various card making accessories be it card stock, double sided tape, glitter, nestabilities, CD-ROMS, or whatever else catches our imagination.
As the show is in Exeter, and is not far from a very large trading estate containing many, many car sales establishments, Paul has agreed to drive us all up to the show, and then go off car hunting (see previous post) whilst we shop.
The hour and a half drive was a breeze, as he roads were nice and clear, and we arrived just before the doors opened at 10am. After a loo stop, and a quick coffee and cake, we headed off on the rounds, winding our way up and down each aisle and inspecting each stall as we went.
Suddenly it was 11.30 and we were only half way round. Paul was collecting us at 1.30pm, so we needed to get our finger out and start buying instead of pricing up LOL.
Alison started off first with some lovely wool, quickly followed by an art deco cross stitch of a lady with a lurcher dog. It was all black and white and very elegant.
That gave Tracy and I the push that we needed and suddenly there was no stopping us. I managed to get a Debbi Moore magazine that included a CD-ROM worth £6.99. The magazine contained loads of backing papers and toppers and only cost £4.99 - Bargain!
I managed to get some Hunky Dory die cut sheets, a lovely floral CD-ROM by a company I'd never heard of, but the images are stunning. I then managed to get the glitter with tubs, glue and double sided tape that I was after, all on a special craft show deal, I even managed to get a nestability set at a very reduced price.
There was a stand selling some cleaning product that I had bought from Ideal World many years ago, and was so good I was upset when I ran out. Tracy and I bought 4 tubs to split between us, as she had borrowed some of mine a while ago and was just as impressed.
And finally...... there was a stand selling Pandora charm beads at stupidly cheap prices - Yes I know these last two things are not craft items, but we could not say no a the prices LOL
All in all a great crafty day with my friends.
Unfortunately Paul did not do so well, and found nothing in any of the 15 different dealers he visited!
Time for a relaxing evening now and a glass of something nice to finish the day off!


  1. Hi Jo

    I was wondering how you got on at the Craft Show - have been waiting to read your post.

    Obviously all except Paul had a good time.

  2. I do envy you - both the shopping trip and the skills you have!

  3. Sounds like you got some lovely goodies. Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me x