Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sara's Seal of Approval!

When Sally-Ann heard that Simon, Vikki and Sara would be coming down for the New Year, she asked us if we would like to join them in a walk up to Godrevey to see the seals on the beach and in the bay. Sara had never seen seals in the wild before and wanted to go.
We agreed without question, one because it meant we could catch up with our friends, but secondly because the prospect of starting the new year with such a lovely walk was something that could not be missed. We had also done the same in previous New Year holidays and knew it would be a lovely day.
When we arrived, there was already quite a crowd at the top of the bluff, looking down onto the beach at the seals below. We were lucky today - there were about two dozen of the lovely animals resting their bones on the shore.

Fred took a mild interest at what they were doing, before getting fed up and whining for the rest of his walk!

It felt very odd to be doing this lovely walk without Jamie and Phill, and their absence was greatly felt by us all, and so, in honour of them, we decided that we would do the obligatory group timed photo, that Jamie is so fond of doing.
After a false start, I managed to get the timer going, and charged down the hill towards my spot, whilst everyone laughed at me.
I have actually cropped this picture, so you cannot fully appreciate the downhill run that I had to achieve to make it in time for this shot.
Hopefully Jamie will approve of my picture, and it will encourage a trip to Cornwall from them both again very soon.


  1. I've been waiting for this photo as Sally-Ann said you'd taken a timer shot of you all.

    Thanks for blogging this, it looks like you all had a good time.

  2. looks like fun and a great experience to see the seals! Great photo!

  3. Lovely happy photos and nicer weather there than we had for New Year.
    I have never managed to get a decent timed photo with me in it,by the time I get in the group the flash goes before I can compose myself and I do not come out well.