Saturday, 5 February 2011

Car Hunters In Action...

We have been on email alert with the online well known car finding service, and after receiving some alerts for the sort of cars that we were looking for, we narrowed it down to 3.

One car in Wellington, just outside Taunton. One in Plympton, near Plymouth and one in Torquay on the English Riviera.

As Paul is now on nights for the next 4 weeks, we would have to do these all in one go, and decided not to leave it too long. Today was our chosen day.
Having asked Sally-Ann and Mike if they would mind checking on Fred during the day today, so that we didn't need worry about him, they said "why don't we bring him to ours for the day?" This way he and Hamish could spend the day together. "Fantastic!" We said.
We knew Fred would love spending time with his favourite people and canine friend. If you look at Sally-Anne's Blog, you will see what a great time they had too...

I borrowed this picture from Sally-Ann - Thanks for letting me use it. Fred is to the left and Hamish to the right.

Now that we knew that our boy was being looked after so well, we headed off up country.
Our first stop was Plympton. The car we looked at only had 26k on the clock and was in great condition. If it had not been the first car we had looked at, we might have bought it there and then!
We pulled up just down the road to make a phone call to our next port of call in Torquay. The car there had 30k on the clock, but was a higher spec. At this point we decided that Torquay would be our next stop, and we would write off Wellington, as that car had 50k on the mileage and therefore was no longer a viable option, with two such low mileage vehicles as competition.
Off we went. On arrival the chap was already dealing with a sale, so we went for a coffee while we waited.
We arrived back, just as he bought the car we wanted to see, around from his compound. (The forecourt was full to capacity).
This was the one! Looks were great, body work was like new, and the engine was quiet as a mouse. More to the point, it does 50 plus to the gallon, and tows a huge amount. It was even below budget and we managed to get more for Paul's current car in part exchange than we had been offered by anyone else.
Success! We collect it on Friday so pictures will follow no doubt!


  1. What an excellent result! Amazingly I said to my husband t'other day that it would be well worth paying someone to find us a car to the specs we want - and here you say there's an online service!!
    Please email me details if you'd be so kind to

  2. Great news. I knew you'd found what you wanted as I had read Sally-Ann's blog.