Saturday, 12 February 2011

Clean and Dry?

Time for Fred's wash day! - Not Fred exactly, but his possessions ie; all his toys and bedding and towels

Unfortunately he worked out that the tumble drier was where his prized possessions were, and before I could stop him, he had worked his way in front of my legs and climbed in to 'save' his beloved friends!

He went in once, twice, three time in all, until all were safe and in his company once more!

It was lucky that Paul was quick enough with the camera, because I was just laughing too much!


  1. Loved the photos of Fred retrieving his belongings - what d'ya think you're doing Mom???? - Good photos, Paul xxxxx

  2. Brilliant Jo - clever you Fred.

  3. Hilarious! Only Fred could do something like that x

  4. Thank you for a laugh to start the day.