Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Birthdays, Anniversary's and Tree's

Another holiday day.
Paul is in bed sleeping for his birthday, after a long night at work, and I'm thinking about Dad.
It's 11 years today that we lost him, and although the pain of his loss is over, the love I feel is stronger. I miss you Dad.
and so, moving on...... Today is a full on research day for my family tree. There is a section that has just been evading both myself or Sally-Ann, and we wanted to try and get past it.
After many, many hours, and chocolate provided my Mike, we think we solved it, with the help of the 1911 census records... Woo Hoo
Now all I have to do it correct the two or three errors and input the amended information with the census source information as confirmation of the information.
It's opened up a whole new line of enquiry for me too..... I love genealogy!
Happy Birthday Paul, and Thanks for your help today Sally-Ann x

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  1. Happy Birthday to Paul and well done you and Sally-Ann.

    I love genealogy too and have some brick walls in my tree. Sadly the one on my dad's side of the family will probably remain so as we have so little to go on for my great-grandfather - he was a bit frugal with into on the 1881 Census for some reason!!!!!! I should have a bit more time to get back to research now the panto season is over!