Sunday, 13 February 2011


I Love Truro!
Although we do not visit very often, it is a lovely town, full of old buildings and cobbled streets, and of course a number of usual high street clothes shops that like to entice me!
As Paul has been on nights for what seems like forever now, we decided that a little wander would be just the trick to prevent him wasting his day of daylight.
Having wandered up the river, and past the cathedral, we bought some sweets from Pennyworths, a wonderful shop that sell them out of jars like it used to be done, and then strolled through the streets and down to Lemon Quay.
As we turned the corner, we were welcomed with the sight of a Wedding Car Company with a difference, and we were instantly in awe.
I got out my trusty Blackberry and started snapping pictures....

What a wonderful way to arrive at your wedding, and soooo Cornwall!

Our few hours of wandering were worth this little treat!


  1. Wait until Phill sees this!! Somehow I don't think they'll go all the way to Bedfordshire for him though!

  2. I know! I did BB him the pictures on the day, but he never opened them! Cheek of it! LOL

  3. Hi Jo

    When I went to the Wedding Fayre with my bride and groom couple they had a Beetle camper there too, I think I put it on my post - I thought it was great especially because when we were younger my dad had one and we used to go away on holiday in it and sometimes he'd pick me up from school with it too and I felt the bees knees. It was one with the lift up roof that went up at an angle - have some photos of it in black and white must post them. I loved the idea of it for a wedding but the bridal couple went for the more traditional vintage car!!!!!

    Is Truro one of the places we can visit when we are at Atlantic Reach - I haven't really checked the map yet????

  4. that looks so much more fun than a stuffy limo!

  5. Thanks ladies - yes great fun!

    Yes - JG - Truro is certainly one of the places you can visit from where you are stopping x