Monday, 21 February 2011

A Trip to Fal

It's my day off today, and we wanted to go for a walk at the old gunpowder works between Ponsanooth and Stithians, but it's raining!

Nothing will keep me from using a days holiday to it's fullest though. Plans got changed, and Sally-Ann and I headed off into Falmouth for the day instead.

OK, so this is a google images picture, as I forgot my camera.... I know Horror! The sky wasn't quite this blue and it wasn't quite warm enough to take off our full winter jackets, but it was still a lovely visit.

We had a good old mooch around Trago, as you do! Then it was toasted tea cakes and a cuppa at the water sports centre, or as I like to call it, The Yacht Club! LOL

From here, we headed back and stopped at Asda for a mooch around their clothes section. As it's so far to come to go to Asda, we have to do it when we are in the area! That's our excuse anyway!

By this time, we had been gone for a fair part of the day, and thought it only fair to return to the men!

Roll on tomorrow..... another holiday day, and this time family tree researching with Sally-Ann for the day....


  1. Thought I was seeing things when this photo appeared. I seem to remember non-stop rain and my shoes taking three days to dry out before I could wear them again! It was a good day all the same x

  2. Lovely post - glad you had a good time.