Monday, 28 February 2011

Tooth Fairy My Backside!

I broke my two bottom front teeth last night!

They split and crumbled along the back, and left a couple of lovely sharp bit's to catch my tongue on and annoy me!

After a call to my dentist, that is based over in Falmouth, first thing this morning, I had a 2.30pm appointment to get them seen to.

I arrived on time, was called straight up, and was repaired and done within 20 minutes!

What service. Don't you just love the NHS? I do!


  1. wow, scary tooth story, I didn't know teeth 'broke' - must get mine looked at - I only go every ten years or so

  2. OMG Jo - flipping heck, how did that happen? Round here most dentists are now private so we had to go private and we have to pay more than the NHS costs these days - I think it's disgusting when we all pay into the NHS with our NI contributions!!!!!

    How did they repair them - was it costly? Even minor fillings or having teeth out cost enough these days.

  3. I'm lucky that I'm an NHS patient, which is why I have to travel so far for my dentist. It only cost me £16.50 for the filling repair, and if it comes away again they'll repair it for free.

  4. Brilliant Jo - wish we still had an NHS dentist but they are few and far between around here.