Saturday, 18 June 2011

19 Years Together

Red heart It’s our 19th Wedding Anniversary today. Red heart

I have two cards to open that I have been given whilst we are in the Midlands, but I know that there will be some waiting on the mat for us when we get home.

Our Wedding_Page_11

Love you Pooh Bear xRed lips

Jo Anne



  1. Happy Anniversary - late I know.

    Can I see a photo? - have seen the ones on Facebook but they can't be enlarged so I can see your dress better - it looks lovely though.

  2. Like your pet name for Paul! Wondered about that when I saw it on Facebook.

    Not telling you what I used to call Bob!

  3. I'll have to try and find one, as they are on the old laptop x

  4. Oh there's a different photo on here today and I can see your dress better on this one - it looks very nice Jo.

    Lovely photo of you and your dad too.

    You look fabulous.

  5. I added the picture especially for you JG x