Monday, 13 June 2011

Lichfield Angel

Having dropped off Paul’s suit with his Mom, to return it to the hire shop, we headed back to the caravan site to pick up Sally-Ann and Mike, and begin our sight-seeing day out.

Mike had asked if we could pop to a caravan shop so that he could buy a TV signal finder after he saw Paul’s in action, but the place was on the opposite carriageway to the one we would approach from.

I had a cunning plan!…….

Lichfield is only a hop skip and jump up the road, so we could go there first and have a wander around the shops and cathedral, and on the way back we would be on the correct side of the road for Canwell Caravans and the parts shop that Mike needed.

We parked up and headed towards Lichfield’s famous 3 spires….




In the 39 years I lived in the area, I had never, to my recollection been inside the cathedral, so this was a first for all of us.

Sally-Ann and I went in first, leaving the dogs with the men outside.

We were greeted on entry, and advised that no photographs could be taken without buying a £2 permit from the shop.

We decided against it, immediately regretted it once we saw how beautiful the inside was, and went back and bought a permit between us.

I was the official photographer for the occasion, and was desperate to try and get some shots that would be good enough for both of us.


There were about  4 schools there learning about the cathedral, and they had tables set out for their art work.



Sally-Ann got very excited at the sight of her first ‘dead body’ as she called him LOL



As it happens, today was the first day that the newly found Lichfield Angel was exhibited, and therefore there were reporters and camera crews everywhere.

This piece of stonework is estimated to be 1000 years old, and was found underneath the floor of the cathedral 2 years ago.  It has taken until now to clean it up and have it ready for show.  We were so lucky to be there on the right day!








Once we had completed our visit of this amazing Cathedral. we headed on around the grounds and followed the road towards the town.

Spotting a little cafe that was nestled in the shade of the sun, we grabbed a table and ordered lunch, whilst the owner bought out some fresh water for the boys to have a drink.




Our trip to Lichfield was finally over, and off we went to get Mikes new gadget – boys and their toys eh? LOL

Supper was left overs from Sunday’s lunch, and really rather yummy!

What a great day!


Jo Anne


  1. Never before was £2 put to better use. Lovely photos

  2. It's a lovely cathedral. Could you see the minarets of the mosque built within spitting disance of the cathedral recently which caused so much local furore?

  3. Many thanks Pam.
    No Jane, can't say we spotted them, sorry :-( wish I'd realise we would have looked for them LOL

  4. Looks like a must see place and not too far for us to visit as we've never been there. Your photos are excellent, well worth paying the £2 permit fee - and what a great idea to raise money for the Cathedral.

    Another lovely day out for you all.