Thursday, 9 June 2011

Up Country Travels

The day had finally arrived for us to travel back up country to the West Midlands for Paul’s sisters Wedding.

Work was finally out for us both, and we climbed into a very full car, hooked up the caravan, and began the 279 mile trip up to Kingsbury Water Park, and the camp site that we had booked.

Apart from getting stuck behind many many lorries we had a pretty uneventful journey, and actually caught up with Sally-Ann and Mike who had left a short while before us.

We all met up on the services and grabbed some lunch and a cuppa before heading on once more for our final destinations.

Fred was good as gold as just curled up and slept on the back seat, restricted by his seatbelt, much to his distaste!IMG00115-20110609-1345

Then all there was left to do was to watch the exit markers as we passed them, bringing us nearer to our destination.



All in all a pretty uneventful journey, and we were soon set up on our pitch and relaxing with a cuppa.


Suddenly it was 7pm, and we had only just finished sorting ourselves out, but a quick drive to Paul’s mom soon sorted out our belly's with a lovely supper followed by cake, and the chance for Paul to try on his Best Man’s outfit for Saturdays big event.


Very Handsome I reckon!

Jo Anne


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  1. Lovely catching up with the events of the week beginning with the wedding.