Friday, 3 June 2011

Healeys Cyder Farm

Whilst Jordiegirl and her family are in Cornwall, we have been suggesting some places for them to visit, and Healeys was one of the places we came up with.

I received a text from her whilst I was at work telling me that they were at the Cyder Farm and having a great time eating cream teas and testing the different cyders on offer.

The weather outside of the office window was glorious, and I decided that, if Paul managed to get home at a reasonable hour we would pop over for a look around ourselves.

Having showered the day off, we climbed into Betty Blue and headed up the A30 and onto the Old Road towards Newquay/Penhallow and the Cyder farm.


There are a few areas you can look around and actually watch the cyder being made and there are also various things on sale there including jams and chutneys with cyder in the ingredients.P6030007P6030009P6030003

We had a look at the peacocks, pygmie goats and pigs, and then made friends with the shire horse before heading in for a cream tea!P6030013P6030016P6030023

P6030011P6030019P6030010Obligatory of course!

Jo Anne


  1. Totally agree with you Jo. Thanks for posting photos which remind of a lovely time we had.

  2. looks like fun! I would love some cream tea also!