Sunday, 26 June 2011

Home to Flowers and Cards

It’s lovely to be home, despite the Chinese laundry going on in the kitchen and spare room, and even more so, when we have cards to open!

Our anniversary cards may be left up a little longer than they normally would have been, but we have to get the benefit of them from the sideboard!


I also went into work to a bouquet of flowers! Unfortunately the circumstances for them are very sad.  They were from a lovely chap who had just lot his Dad, and he bought all of us office girls a bunch of them each to thank us for our support.

RIP Harry.

PS If you can make the photo out in the frame, it was taken at the wedding, and we didn’t know it was being taken!

Jo Anne


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  1. You must keep cards up for more than one day otherwise they are wasted. Lovely photo and lovely bouquet - shame about the sad reason for them though.